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The Monetisation of Social Networks with Dynamics CRM - London

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Fluxx’s offices, 75 Carter Lane, London, EC4V 5EP | 27/11/2012 | 9:00am - 11am

The Monetisation of Social Networks with Dynamics CRM - London

Social Media Marketing is now a commercial necessity for any consumer focussed business wishing to thrive or survive in the online age.  For many, however, the big question is: 
“How do I master, manage and monetise Social Media Data?”
This two hour seminar will give you the answers you need.
Social networks are now the most productive and cost-efficient way to engage with existing consumers and turn new prospects into new customers. To do this, you need to understand how to align your marketing and your business with the ‘social journey’.
This event will explore the meteoric rise of social networking and explain what your business needs to do to turn data into actionable insight, insight into meaningful engagement and engagement into incremental revenue.

- Understanding the huge opportunities that social media presents for accumulating more meaningful, valuable and actionable customer insight
- How social data can be combined with traditional business data to create a richly detailed view of your customers and prospects
- How to harness the power and reach of social networks to improve customer experience, loyalty and spend
- How to turn new social marketing capability into new strategies for building brand, creating fresh sales propositions, implementing campaigns and measuring ROI
- Real-life case stories from organisations who have successfully woven social media into their marketing and decision making to achieve impressive results
- How the phenomenal growth in mobile marketing will impact the social marketing landscape
Why you should attend
Today’s customers are extremely smart, impatient, fickle and mobile. The proliferation of mobile devices, online communities and choice, means consumers now browse, engage and buy in ways that are more complex yet, at the same time, more predictable and measurable.
This event will provide thought leadership and inspiration to any business decision maker who is looking to:
- Gain a greater understanding of the ‘art of the possible’ in social media marketing
- Monetise online consumers and communities
- Measure ROI from social media marketing
- Achieve higher levels of brand awareness, engagement and advocacy
- Deliver a more personalised experience for customers
- Interact in real-time with consumers to influence sentiment and behaviour
SocialCRM from IMGROUP enables consumer focused organisations to combine the power of social data with their existing CRM data, systems and processes to create greater customer engagement, advocacy, loyalty and revenue.

We are hosting this event in partnership with:
Speaker Bio's:
Carl Grieves | IMGROUP | CRM Business Manager
Carl Grieves has been involved in the Software and IT Services Market for over 15 years, leading international businesses through dramatic growth in fields of CRM, BI, ITSM and Managed Outsourced Services.
As CRM Business Manager for IMGROUP, Carl has pioneered the design and delivery of the social + CRM tools to enable organisations to monetise consumers and communities through multi-channel data insight and execution.
Phil Mohr | Comufy | CEO
Philipp is an expert in Social Media engagement strategies. He runs Comufy, a Social Media marketing company helping companies develop innovative social media marketing solutions.
At it's core, Comufy provides a Social Media CRM and Social Media management platform. Before starting Comufy, Philipp was involved in analysing large scale online behaviour of users. He holds a PhD in Computer Science.
Paul Shang | Fluxx | Partner – Retail and Consumer
Paul has spent his career defining and delivering solutions in retail, across many areas including Distribution, QA, Commercial, Marketing and Supply Chain. This has enabled him to gather invaluable experience in understanding the complete retail lifecycle. He has a passion for building cost effective solutions that drive change and add value, not just to part of a business but to the whole enterprise.
He has been agency side for over four years, working with some of the UK’s biggest companies. He has managed and empowered teams that have collaborated on delivering leading edge customer facing projects. His expert knowledge of Business Development gives him great insight into the full sales cycle and underpins his delivery experience.