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Information Management Strategy

​A Strategy for Business Transformation

Having an effective and coordinated approach to Information Management is an essential component of any business transformation programme.

Effective use of data across the enterprise can drive positive change, improve performance and productivity, and support the strategies, processes, organisational and technological initiatives that enable successful business transformation.

Aligning your information requirements with strategic business objectives is critical. We help our clients define the vision for information usage and identify the gaps between current capabilities and the future state. We work with our clients to identify the frameworks and programmes of work required to deliver organisational change.

IMGROUP have a scientific approach and proven underlying tools and processes to help organisations progress this journey.

Do you need an Information Management Strategy?

An Information Management strategy can help your business:

Identify existing tools or people that can deliver greater value
Identify gaps in your existing tools, processes or resources
Improve customer satisfaction
Improve customer profitability
Uplift revenue through cross sell and the identification of opportunistic market segments.

Determining Your Information Maturity


Effective information management is not simply a technology problem - it must also encompass business processes and practices that underpin the creation of data and utilise it to create actionable business insight.



Having validated the level of information management maturity, the focus moves to understanding and capturing the drivers of business performance, and the potential technology enablers that may be employed to deliver this vision.

Information Management Roadmap


Identify gaps in existing information management capability is an area that we help our clients, understanding how these gaps manifest themselves in your organisational capabilities and quantifying the impact.

Information Management Framework


Our framework ensures a common business language is used to describe the components of Information Management.

  • IMGROUP worked hard to understand our business needs and our industry and implemented an innovative Business Intelligence solution that met our business requirements and helped us to deliver on our vision.
    Richard Burrill 
    Technical Director, PensionDCisions 
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