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Windows Azure

IMGROUP Online delivers cloud solutions to make 'the best of both worlds' when looking at Cloud and server solutions. We help you convert existing applications for use in the cloud and to develop pure cloud services that help improve your efficiency and staff utilisation and cut IT costs at a stroke. Our 'Connected Cloud' service helps modern organisations deliver profitable growth fast and at low cost, with end-to-end services from consulting through to data management, migration, hosting and support. We use Windows Azure to deliver cloud based IT applications and services that make an immediate difference to the way your organisation operates, collaborates and communicates.

Windows Azure's flexible platform can be used to build new applications to run over the Web, or to enhance existing applications by moving them online. Windows Azure simplifies the maintenance and operation of business applications by providing on-demand server capacity and storage so you can host, scale and manage all your web services and connected applications through one central platform.

Reduces the cost and development time for replacing old legacy systems or creating brand new applications
Scalable computing and storage capacity, enabling your organisation to meet peaks in demand effectively
Our Azure solutions offer on-demand scalability combined with cost effective pay-as-you-grow pricing
Extend existing on-premise applications into the cloud and ensure secure end-user interaction
Complete system management task automation, eliminating the need for monitoring hardware
  • IMGROUP Online gave us the option to collaborate with an implementation partner with the right skills and experience to help us move to the cloud successfully 
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