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Our Vision

We believe in delivering quantifiable outcomes to our customers and measuring these outcomes throughout their CRM journeys.  All CRM solutions bring a host of business benefits to all organisations, but at IMGROUP we focus our efforts on specific markets in order to add a true value based service.

The types of organisations we work with are: 

Consumer orientated businesses looking to understand their market through multi-channel interactions, including social networks, and monetise these consumer groups.
Public Authorities looking to save time and money in the management of requests pertaining to Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The requirements of these organisations are unique, and different, but at IMGROUP we believe in providing specialist services and guidance to specific business groups.

What We Do

Through many years of customer engagements in information management and relationship strategies, we have developed a world-leading series of project methods that allow us to work with our customers to achieve their business goals.

All of our programmes of work are driven from our customers ‘Vision’, taking into account the business goals and the on-going success criteria to determine achievement of those goals.

IMGROUP are uniquely accredited to provide a range of service areas to ensure CRM project successes. These competencies provide a ‘whole-product’ CRM solution and service to our customers across Information Management, Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration, Digital Marketing and Cloud Services.

IMGROUP enable the technologies of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related solutions to provide quantifiable and tangible software provision to our customers. The range of solutions we offer include purpose-built technical innovations enabling our customers to achieve their goals quicker, or smarter, than they ever could before.