Flexible engagement models

A reliable, responsive, yet flexible IT platform and infrastructure is the fundamental platform on which the rest of your IT systems can be implemented.  The volumes of data you deal with, the speed of the networks, the levels of failover, private hosting vs cloud vs onsite, how much reliance you place on mobile vs fixed computing, and myriad other considerations mean that every organisation has unique needs that require a well thought-out solution.

IMGROUP provides a range of services to customers to help them design new environments from scratch, or overhaul existing infrastructure, using expert experience and industry best practice. Our platform services can be tailored to provide everything from advisory and auditing services, via design, architecture and implementation, all the way to managed services, to ensure ongoing continuity and knowledge retention.  We aim to help your IT staff focus less on keeping things going, so they can spend the time they save on making systems better for the business.

Forward thinking

Business demand for IT services has evolved.  Expectations are as high as ever, but the acceptance of changes such as bring-your-own-device and an ever-widening range of potential solutions means that it can be hard to focus on the core goal: to have an architecture that reflects the full service need, rather than being deflected by individual technologies.  The end product needs to give users an easy-to-use and seamless experience.

Our platform architecture designs are optimised to enable our customers to get the most from their systems, whether using in-house, hosted or cloud technologies. We design optimal platforms using single or hybrid environments so that customer requirements can be met in an unconstrained manner, as economically as possible.  For instance, we have successfully delivered several hybrid solutions using on-premises infrastructure and Microsoft Windows Azure private cloud on an enterprise scale – a combination designed to give excellent responsiveness even in peak usage, but at a cost-effective price.

Need an infrastructure that lets you give your users what they need?  Talk to IMGROUP about:

  • End-to-end reviews of service and platform integration
  • Structured knowledge transfer and managed service
  • Fully-hosted and managed platform design and implementation

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