Our vision

Over the last few years, almost every organisation has embraced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in some form, but how can you be sure that yours is achieving what you set out to do? Can you tell who your best customers are, segmenting them into various categories so they get the service they desire, in the way they desire it? Do your customers find it easy to do business with you? How much do you spend on campaigns that reach an uninterested audience?

To help our customers understand how well their CRM policies are working, we believe in delivering quantifiable outcomes and measuring these outcomes throughout the various CRM journeys. These journeys vary from industry to industry, so at IMGROUP we focus our efforts on specific markets in order to add a true value-based service.

The types of organisations we work with are:

  • Consumer-orientated businesses looking to understand their market through multi-channel interactions, including social networks, and monetise these consumer groups
  • Public authorities looking to save time and money in the management of requests from the general public – complaints, case handling and management, and Freedom of Information requests

What we do

Through many years of customer engagement, we have developed a world-leading set of project methods that ensures our customers achieve their business goals. All of our work starts with our customers’ vision – we set out to understand their business goals and the success criteria which determine achievement of those goals. By defining goals and measures without the constraints imposed by technology or infrastructure concerns, we put our customers’ business strategy first, then consider how IT systems can best support that strategy.

We look at current and future technology: effective CRM means that relevant data must be available to use, analyse and be reported on no matter where it actually resides; IMGROUP have developed an industry-leading range of skills and accreditations to provide a whole-product solution to our customers across information management, BI, portals and collaboration, digital marketing and cloud services. This breadth of skill is one of the factors that has won us multiple Partner of the Year awards with Microsoft UK.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you better understand your customers so you can deal with them most effectively, please contact us using the Connect tab at the top of this screen.

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