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Consumer Applications Are Redefining Expectation

The explosion of social media has had a profound effect on the way that we create, share and find information. The benchmark for collaboration and communication within the business is being set by the simplicity and familiarity of the applications and services that we consume at home.

Why is it so easy see what friends and family are doing in near real-time, but so difficult to find out what colleagues are working on within your own organisation? Why is it so easy to find people with specific skills across the globe, but searching for skills within your own teams is such a challenge? Why is it so easy to upload, tag and share photos with friends and family while the tools for doing the same with enterprise content are so cumbersome and unintuitive?

How Can We Help You?

We have been delivering award winning SharePoint solutions since the release of SharePoint Portal Server 2003. We were awarded the first of our four Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year awards for a global intranet solution that transformed the way that EMI Music engaged with its businesses in over 45 countries and our track record of delivering successful SharePoint solutions has continued ever since.

We know how to get the technology right, to build robust platforms that scale and evolve to meet the changing needs of the business. But we also understand what it takes to create solutions that communicate brand vision, engender cultural change and engage external customers and partners. And we help our customers become truly successful by sharing our proven methodology and best practice in a partnership model that embeds the skills and governance our customers need to become self-sufficient.

  • Build a Centre of Excellence

    A SharePoint Centre of Excellence or Competency Centre can play a vital role in the process of continuous promotion, delivery and improvement of SharePoint applications and services within your organisation.


  • Build Solid Foundations

    Consumer-driven expectations around how applications should look and feel are driving branding and user experience to the top of the requirements list. These applications must be deployed on solid foundations if long term success is to be achieved.


  • Communicate Corporate Vision

    A successful intranet can help deliver your brand manifesto, drive cultural alignment and encourage cultural change, collaboration and knowledge transfer whilst promoting values of transparency, integrity, pride and innovation in your employees.


  • Deliver Successful Solutions

    We provide a flexible engagement model that helps our customers mitigate the risks that concern them most. We provide the right blend of skills and resources combined with a proven approach throughout the entire project lifecycle and into support.


  • Enable Collaboration

    SharePoint provides a rich feature set for collaboration. But technology alone will not provide a silver bullet to solving the challenges organisations face in aligning collaboration tools with the way their employees, partners and customers need to work.


  • Engage Customers and Partners

    Extranet solutions can play a key role in the communication of brand manifesto, leveraging the strength of the brand through familiar messaging and design to positively drive customer perceptions and ultimately secure brand loyalty.


  • Find Enterprise Content

    Information within organisations is continuing to grow exponentially. It is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to get access to relevant content when they need it. Individuals are accustomed to powerful search engines like Google


  • We wanted a partner that would work closely with us, sharing knowledge and incorporating our internal skills so that we would be able to adapt and enhance our intranet solutions in the future. IMGROUP was our ideal partner.

    Rose Kane
    IT Services Manager
    Bradford College