YO! Sushi Places Bets on Cloud Computing

Fast-food chain YO! Sushi hopes never to buy a server again, according to its IT Manager, and is placing its bets on cloud computing and taking advantage of the IT consumerisation trend to improve productivity and flexibility.

Although expanding at a rate of ten stores per year, YO! Sushi maintains, in the words of its IT Manager, a very lean IT department. “Our policy is to outsource to the experts wherever possible and with only one in-house IT professional, getting the most out of IT suppliers is crucial” he explained. “We need connectivity and everything to be always on, all the time. Supporting all of that internally would be very difficult”.

Running Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office and a number of other applications on 7 year old servers was a cause of concern to YO! Sushi. “The servers were reaching the end of their useful life and replacing them and upgrading our core office software would require substantial investment,” added the IT Manager. “We were convinced that there was a more elegant, cost-effective and efficient alternative and we didn’t really want to end up with a room full of servers”.

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