Flexible engagement models

We provide a range of services to our customers to help them manage their production systems, whether developed by IMGROUP or another party. We realise that all our customers are unique, and so rather than providing standard Gold, Silver and Bronze services, we tailor each engagement to the business needs of the client, with flexible SLAs, service hours and services. Our service matrix is designed to facilitate dovetailing our services with those of the client and their other key suppliers.

Our SLA-backed agreements will give you access to a technical specialist backed up by the wider IMGROUP consultancy team. Furthermore, we ensure that when you contact us we will respond with a technician who has knowledge of your specific systems and is not merely a generic technical resource. In cases where IMGROUP has developed the solution being supported, access to the original developers as an additional escalation point is possible.

Driving continuous improvement

An important characteristic of the type of information management solutions that IMGROUP builds and supports is that they need to evolve. Data changes, people change, the needs of a business change, environmental factors change – these changes drive new requirements and encourage the development of new business initiatives, and it is important that users see them being addressed to keep the system fresh and relevant. With IMGROUP’s managed services, our clients can tap into a range of services to ensure that their solutions evolve at a steady pace, and that its users feel they have influence and ownership of the system.

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